Michael Goldstein for Congress

Republican Candidate 4th Congressional District, Connecticut

Why I am Running for Congress

I am a longstanding resident of Greenwich and under the Democrat leadership at the Federal and State level I have seen Connecticut undergo major decline.

Our two biggest exports are businesses and wealthy taxpayers.

The Democrat team is not getting results and without a rapid change in direction we are heading in the direction of Detroit.

Healthcare costs continue to rise and health insurance is becoming less affordable. Drug prices are rising.

If the Democrats have there way new programs will be added to the Federal budget that will force taxes to go up.

Socialist policies of the progressive Democrats will destroy the economic structure of our economy and turn us into a third world country.

Under the right leadership our problems can be solved. Continuing down the same road will not work. It is time for new leadership and new ideas in Connecticut


Karry has helped develop programs and workshops that have altered the course of education throughout the country.


Karry’s experience as a mayor puts her in a unique position to capitalize on her experience in education.


Karry Barker has the absolute fortitude to fight for our community, bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

It takes a doctor to fix Connecticut

I run not for fame, but for the people of my community – my home.

– Karry Barker

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